Students sitting at a table

Clubs & Activities

You can participate in many activities while completing Foundation Studies at ӣƵ.

ӣƵ Foundation Studies offers you more than just a great academic experience. As a student, you have the opportunity to take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities to develop valuable qualities and skills that can help you in your future university studies and career.

Our extra-curricular activities are overseen by dedicated ӣƵ staff members who ensure activities add richness and enjoyment to the Trinity experience.

Student clubs

Often initiated by ӣƵ staff members or students, our clubs will enrich your experience living and studying in Melbourne. Clubs include:

  • meditation mindfulness club
  • dance fitness club
  • environmental club
  • chapel discussion group
  • english conversation corner
  • games club
  • gateway club
  • cooking club
  • badminton club
  • art and design club
  • creative writing club
  • philosophy club
  • poetry club
  • singing club
  • anime club
  • movie club.

Events and activities

Fair Dinkum Festival

Featuring performances from ӣƵ students and staff, this bi-annual festival gives students the chance to sign up to clubs and activities. Fair Dinkum is also the place to learn more about Trinity's social events, hosted by our student leaders, including Cultural Fest and monthly movie screenings.

Media Festival

This annual event enables our Media and Communications students the opportunity to celebrate and showcase their hard work, passion and curiosity of the subject.  

The on-campus Media Festival includes displays of student work, performers, popcorn and fairy floss, student-led workshops, screenings of student work and a display of analogue equipment. 

Trinity's Got Talent

Trinity's Got Talent is a fresh and competitive take on our previously entertaining Spring Music Concert. Students have the opportunity to showcase their musical, dance and/or vocal talents. Not only is this a fantastic show, but there are also some great prizes on offer for the performers.

Wellbeing activities

Our students' physical, mental and social wellbeing is always at the forefront. Trinity's wellbeing team hosts an array of events across the year, often in partnership with our healthcare provider BUPA.