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Climate, Culture & Food

As a student at ӣƵ, you're in an excellent position to experience the best of Melbourne's climate, culture and food.

Melbourne climate, culture and food

Melbourne is one of the world's most liveable cities, with plenty of amazing things to see, do and eat. As a student at ӣƵ, you're located a few minutes north of the CBD, giving you access to the best of what the city has to offer.

Exciting cultural events and activities, plus an offering of delicious cuisines from all around the world are a few great perks of living in Melbourne.



Melbourne's weather is famously temperate and changeable. Residents experience four seasons:

Summer: December to February

The summer heat in Melbourne is dry rather than humid, with average temperatures of around 25°C. Hot streaks can be experienced, with weather up to 40°C.

Autumn: March to May

Average daytime temperatures in autumn are around 20°C. The leaves change colour around the city and it's a very beautiful time to be in Melbourne.

Winter: June to August

During winter, daily maximum temperatures sit at around 14°C. It can get especially cold at night, with temperatures sometimes dropping near 0°C. Snow only falls in surrounding alpine areas, not in Melbourne city itself.

Spring: September to November

Average daytime temperatures in spring are around 20°C. Nights can still be quite cool, but spring is generally a very pleasant time in Melbourne.

You can stay up-to-date with Melbourne weather forecasts at the .


Melbourne is well known for its excellent cafe culture and specialty coffee. There are thousands of exciting restaurants, cafes and coffee shops to choose from, which offer cuisines from all over the world, including Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Some popular dining areas that you can visit in Melbourne include:

  • Lygon Street, Carlton
  • Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
  • Chinatown, City Centre

Most suburbs in Melbourne have a local market where fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, and fish are readily available. There are also plenty of international supermarkets to be found all over the city, so you'll likely have access to the foods and flavours you're used to from your home country.

Melbourne laneway

Melbourne's largest market, the , is located in the city centre, within walking distance of ӣƵ. Food can also be bought from small neighbourhood businesses and larger chain supermarkets such as and , which are often open 24 hours a day.

Meal delivery services are also readily available and easy to arrange. Explore the options and .

Please note that food is not provided by ӣƵ. Students are encouraged to learn some basic cooking skills. Regular cooking demonstrations by our health insurance provider BUPA are scheduled throughout the year and held on campus or within various accommodations.

Trinity employed purpose build student accommodation (PBSA) supervisors also run cooking classes within their designated accommodation on a monthly basis. These sessions are free and the invitation is open to all interested students.

PBSA supervisors also conduct regular wellbeing visits within their designated accommodation to offer further support and pastoral care to students.


Melbourne is Australia's most culturally diverse city, with a population made up of individuals from over 140 countries. International students can feel at home in  with people from the Asia-Pacific, European and African regions having a visible presence in the city and contributing to its cultural heritage.

There is always something exciting happening in Melbourne, including gallery exhibitions, live music performances, festivals and sports, plus there are many markets and beautiful public parks and gardens to visit.

The Arts

Melbourne is home to several notable theatres and arts venues, which include:

Celebrated companies such as the , the , the and the all have busy programs throughout the year.


Melbourne is the sporting capital if Australia and hosts many of the country's major sporting events. 

Throughout the year, sports fans can enjoy the , the autumn and spring racing carnivals (including the ), the , and national swimming carnivals.

There are abundant opportunities to participate in sports as well at venues such as the and the .

Australian Open

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